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I am not so sure if I know anyone right now.
I can think of a couple people, but for now I think its best we assume I didn’t find anyone.

There are some people I know off the internet too (who don’t live any where near Portland), if you have a laptop or whatever and want to try something a little more complicated and/or interesting.
Of course, that’s probably a last resort and I do not own any portable computers beside a half-broken tablet.
I’m just throwing that out there, I guess.

We only need 1 or 2 more people now [Edit: Well, really like OP said, just 1 then we will start. But if more people just happen to respond in the mean time, and its alright, we can start with 4 and that would be okay. 5 is a too many, though I admit it would be nice to see more interest. 2 can actually also work if we find no one though it would be a shame both for the excitement of having another mind at the table, and for the obscurity of this game… and it can be slightly clunky. Just thought I’d mention that if we happen to find 2 or more people before we get a chance to start]. Actually, I work with a caseworker and she *might* find someone else, but we’ll have to hold on that.

Try what you can. I’ll look too.
I know it gets cludgy around 5 or 6 people according to the book.

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