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Hey brianonthebeach, if you are looking at this and still interested, maybe reply to this again to see if you’re still interested. It is hard to find groups for Micrscope, but I’m letting you know now I’m still interested.

Maybe if you have some other form of communication we can use that too?
I’m not always up to date with my email (college gave me a Pavlovian response to it).

I’m certainly open to other methods of communication.
BTW called an old friend recently, but said he’s busy for like the next 2 weeks.
I’ll try to think of some other ideas to get people into this game. I’ll update when that happens.

This is a bit off-topic, but if you want and if you’re interested, we could meet and play (relatively casual…) MtG or some other kind of tabletop game.
I’ve also been looking to get some kind of pen and paper group together and one-to-one pen and paper doesn’t actually work too badly in my experience and I’ll try any/almost any system if you wanna do that. I’ve played World of Darkness, DnD, Pathfinder and own a copy of Moongoose RuneQuest II (purchasing mistake on my part, but might be OK. I’m not sure).

I only mention this because it might be a good way to stay in contact if you’re interested and it just so happens I’m not attached to a group right now.

Any way, just wanted to let you know I’m still interested. So far I can remember to keep looking at this thread regularly, but I can’t really guarantee that I’ll be open to play in the future if I do find people to play with and I receive no proof of your continued existence (which really, I think speaks more to this site not being the best method of communication ever).

I am considering starting a group maybe meet-up or some site like that and I guess I might as well update you on that if I get around to it.
Assuming you’re still around, that is.

Sorry for the long and heavily edited post.

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