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Would you like to learn more about the Thursday evening game?
Currently the group is embarking on saving the world type of campaign, but at low to mid levels while getting some extra buffs through minor deity intervention.
Neutral to Chaotic Good, they are local heroes.
The gods available are home brew,
God of Knowledge, God of Light (goodness aspect), God of Life (healing aspect) , God of Nature and God of courage/community (minor combat aspect).
The cleric would start at level 3… and gain a level in about 6 weeks.
The rest of the group is level 3 Rogue, level 4 bard, level 4 druid and level 4 wizard… elf, elf, half elf, human
magic items are low key and mostly rare, but the group has been doing well.
Game Thursdays 5:15’ish to 10’ish, Close to 39th and SE Powell Blvd
easy going, friendly and reliable player … meta gaming and power gaming is not done much.
There is a smoker who smokes outside (10′ away), 420 allowed for those who do and light drinking.
Bus line 1 block away #17, 3 blocks away #75 and 10 blocks away #9
Let me know what kind of game you like to play clerics in and gaming style, etc…
Give me a way to contact you if you are interested. Thanks.