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Sounds like we are 3/5ths of the way to a full group!

LittleTingle: Hi there, pleased to meet you.

Obligitory: Sounds like you’re flexible…I like that! For the short term, I’m looking to run a game every two weeks on a weekday evening that everyone can agree upon (some 4-6 hour block of time somewhere between 5pm-midnight). My reason for this is two-fold: I don’t want to burn out and I don’t want to run a half-assed game. If the 5 of us are enthusiastically engaged and there’s no excessive petulance or general douche-baggery, then I can absolutely be talked into bumping it up to a weekly thing. Another way I can be talked into a weekly thing is if someone shares DMing duties with me. How I can imagine that looking is that I would run Ravenloft for a 4-6 week block before handing it off to another DM (for Pathfinder or some other game) who would do the same then hand it back to me. I’m always open to suggestions when people want more of a good thing!