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Cool, I’ll start cooking up my Home-brew setting. Its been in my mind for a while and I’ve run a couple of one shots in the setting.

Here is the reddit post I put up, it has a little taste of the setting: https://www.reddit.com/r/lfg/comments/4deieu/offlineportland_oregon5e_looking_for_2_more/

My game will also use point buy, unless a player wants to roll, but if they do they will be stuck with whatever they get….

The core rules is fine with as I’ve never played 5e before and its still a fresh and exiting system to me. I’ve played pathfinder and 3.5 before that for about 13 years (I’m 23), so I wont have a problem making my character or running the setting.

I’ll look into the third party inspiration. TBH I’ve never actually played an entire campaign in Ravenloft. only a few excursions when I was younger, so this is exiting!