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Excellent! Thanks for doing that. For that Reddit post, can you clarify that the players will not be brought in from without but are actually native to Ravenloft and that the players will not have any 1st or second hand knowledge of other worlds? I’ll be using Curse of Strahd about 90% as is but I’ll be taking liberties. For instance, Barovia is not the only domain. I don’t want to bait and switch any prospective players looking to play a “pure” Curse of Strahd adventure.

Out of curiosity, and because it’ll help me shape the conversation a little better, how much do you guys know about this campaign setting? For instance, if I say that we’ll be using the post-grand conjunction map with elements of pre-GC political maneuverings would that make sense? Do you care? If I were to say that Azalin Rex is the one true king and Count Strahd Von Zarovich pays him fealty and rules at the sufferance of the king’s trusted Duke Gundar of Gundarak, does that kind of information help you think about your character or is it simply information overload?