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I’m sorry, I should have clarified a little bit. Custom backgrounds, feats, and variant humans, are all rules from the PHB. No third party shenanigans. Custom backgrounds details mixing and matching features from existing backgrounds to fit your character concept more cleanly (PHB 125). Variant humans are humans that get a feat at level one in place of some of their ability bonuses (PHB 31), and feats are optional rules (PHB 165).

The Adventure League makes a point to specifically allow each of these, but some are optional, That’s why I asked. I didn’t mean to be overwhelming with questions and whatnot, I’m relatively new to the system, so I just assume everyone knows it better than I do.

As far as the setting goes, I have little to no knowledge, so you’ll have to explain the religion thing at the table. No big deal though, I’m not really feeling the need to play a cleric anyways.

Thanks for GMing by the way, looking forward to it.