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Hey Nykrat, I never got an email from you.

How much of your ravenloft setting is us running away for dear life? I know that ravenloft tends to be up there with Call of Cthulhu in difficulty, but over the years It’s been simmered down to just “a very challenging adventure path”?

Will our magic just not work at times? I remember that was a big thing in oldschool Ravenloft.

What kind of playable races are found in ravenloft? Are any of the PHB races banned because of inconsistency with the setting? (don’t worry I don’t like dagonborn so I wont be butt hurt if you pull them out lol)

Who is this Lawgiver god and is he one of the “dark ones”? if everyone is a monotheist, how are the different sects differentiated? is it like Catholics and Protestants? or are they all friends but serve the Lawgiver in there own way?

Is it cool if we re-flavor the classes to be more ravenloft themed? I was thinking like a wild magic sorcerer who was touched by the mists, and that’s how he got his power. Or a warlock that made his pact with one of the dark lords.

Is there a main city in ravenloft that we will start in? Why would we want to adventure in the first place? If i remember correctly the townspeople are always petrified by fear of all the crazy shit that’s constantly trying to kill them.

Out of curiosity how much of a grognard are you? I grew up playing D&D with people in there 30s, 40’s and 50’s at a LGS when I was just ten years old. So I guess I had an unusual introduction to D&D for someone my age (23).

When do you anticipate us starting? Could we start with 3 players and then find a 4th later on? or would your rather start with a full party?

I’m really looking forward to the game!