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Oblig: Sorry it’s taking a while for me to respond. I’m in the final week of my company’s major release launch and my head’s in several places at once.

Bur now, it’s time to answer some questions!:

I will NEVER beat players over the head with mechanics for sheer jollies. If your characters make smart decisions and know when to talk vs. fight…then there won’t be a whole lot of running away. That being said…I believe in cause and effect. If you poke a vampire with a wooden spoon and have not prepared for the obvious blowback…that vampire will mug you for levels.

Magic will never simply not work. If your character finds his divination spell “doesn’t work the way it should” that means the spell has been intercepted/countered/manipulated by an opposing force.

Playable races = Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome, Caliban, Half-Vistana. Google how they are fluffwise in Ravenloft.

Lawgiver worship is akin to multiple sects of a singular deity. Sects are both supportive and dismissive of one another in turn. There are heretical branches that are actively hunted (“There’s no way our just and lawful god condones human sacrifice and daemon summonings! Let’s hunt these CE priests who claim to worship the Lawgiver!”).

The Lawgiver is not a Dark Lord (Im guessing that’s what you meant by Dark One? If you were asking if the Lawgiver was a Dark Poer, then the answer is…hold on, someone’s at the door…).

Misty Wild-mage, yes. I love it. Dark Lord Debtor Warlock…i love the idea so it’s negotiable. Something to remember is that the concept of a Darklord does not exist in the lands of the mist excepting for a very VERY small few individuals.

The city in which you begin will depend entirely on what your characters are. If all four of you belong to the same circle of druids, I’m likely to place you in Forfar rather than, say, Port-a-Lucine. This also goes for your motive for adventuring. The module will be tailored to fit the characters rather than the other way around.

People are indeed afraid of crazy shit. As they should be. Your character’s motivator needs to be greater than his fear.

I don’t know what a grognard is. I was lucky enough to be invited into a close-knit group when I was 16 during 2nd edition’s glory years. We played in living rooms, so i never had the constant exposure to a rotating gaming collective. We were old shoes for eachother after awhile. Comfortable and gel’d well. I think we were 16, 17, 17, 18, 24, 25, and 29 back then. Man, that was the best. I was an avid Dragonlance fan back then.

We can absolutely start at 3 players (3 players 1 DM).

Here’s what im thinking:

Two weeks after I recieve character sheets from all players, I will be ready to sit my butt down at GG and run a 4-6 hour session. During that 14 day period, I’ll get together 1-on-1 with each of you to discuss them and offer suggestions geared toward maximizing all of our fun (I’m talking about 90% fluff/10% crunch)

I will require a room with multiple outlets and a door we can close control our environment (I’ll have music and other stuff going on and i hate competing with other tables for airspace.)

I’ll check out that link in a minute.