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Hi Will,

Glad to hear you’re interested! We have our first game this evening, funnily enough. We’re starting out on Tuesdays but that’s not set in stone in my mind. I’m going to feel the others out and see if we can move it around elsewhere in the week but I’ll have to get back to you on that. We’re a full table of 5 players at the moment but I’ve had 3 people drop in the past 12 days, so I can keep you on the waitlist if you’re interested. My goal is to have a “Band of Brothers” style campaign where the 5 PCs share a horrific childhood together and have become a sort of dysfunctional family unit of sorts as they grow older and gain classes (eg one pcs a necromancer and another was a paladin before he dropped the game).


Use that email if you want to have that first chair on the waitlist. As a waitlisted player, you would have access to the Facebook campaign page (it’s migrating over to Obsidian Portal sometime “soon”) and the Googlechat Hangout where we discuss all things related to our “Ravenloft: The King is Dead…” campaign.