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Hi Josh and Ethan,

I do have one open seat left. We’ve started off playing Dungeon Crawl Classics. I’ve looked over D&D 5e and, while I think it’s better than D&D 4e, I’m not really interested in running it. I only mentioned it on the chance that that would be the only thing I could get a group together to play.

I picked DCC because I like it and am familiar with it, and it’s close enough to D&D that it should be easy for most of my current players to pick up (most of them are either fairly new to the game, or played a longish time ago). Eventually I will probably want to rotate CoC and FATE into the mix.

We’re not playing again for a couple of weeks, so we could meet in person to chat about the group before then, if you’re still interested. You can email me directly at s.chris.garner [at] gmail [dot] com.


– Chris