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I’m an old school tabletop player in my early thirties who’s been out of gaming for a couple of years and, after suddenly getting the itch to play again, I found your post while searching through Portland based gaming groups. I’m new to the Guardian Games forum and I didn’t see a way to PM you so I hope you don’t mind my post. Anyway, I’d be very interested in joining a game based more on storytelling and instinct than rules and grids and it sounds like that’s exactly what you like to GM. If you’re still interesting in running this campaign or if you’re currently running it and would consider taking on another player please let me know and I can expand on my gaming history and story/character interests. Thanks!>

Hi there, and thanks for replying. Yes, I was able to connect with a couple of other people, and we will be starting the campaign on August 14th at Guardian Games.

We will be running a Savage Worlds game using their new Rifts license. If you aren’t familiar look up Savage Rifts.

The only materials you would really need are the Savage Worlds core book, and the Savage Rifts Player’s Handbook. If you decide you want to join us but can’t afford the materials right now, then maybe you could join us when we start the campaign, roll up a character, and play with us to see if it’s a good fit.

Let me know as soon as you can, so I can email GG to see if we can expand our reservation to accommodate another player. 🙂

Shoot me an email at travscart@gmail.com.