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I told you you cannot join multiple times. Sorry you found that to be unclear. You also stated that you didn’t want to join anyway, so why should I have suspected I still needed to clarify anything further for you?
YOUR words -“On second thought, if I have to jump through this many hoops with such infrequent non-FB contact from you to explain the whole thing, never mind.”

Your attitude is not going to help you find success anymore than your avoidance of modern norms. You don’t want to swim in the same current with the other fishes, deal with the consequences and stop being mad that world doesn’t just take you as you are. It’s your choice to be who you are. Deal with it.
I’ve been respectful in our communications. I’ve apologized where no apology was really due. You have been nothing but petulant and rude and I have had enough of it. I have responded to everything you’ve written as a courtesy, even though it was clear many messages ago exactly where we stood. I won’t waste anymore time on you. Not reading your words or wasting mine on you. We will have fun and gladly we will be having that fun without you. Good day.