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Sundered Ages

Hey, sorry about that. I am not sure why it isn’t showing my email, which is sunderedages@gmail.com.

I am looking to ideally set the games for Friday evenings, due to having some family plans usually going on my weekends. Short explanation for the game. I run a Medium-High fantasy world in a late medieval-early renaissance historical era. The system is a homebrew taken from the 3.X OGL and has had the class component stripped from it so that characters are defined by their skills instead of class.

Want to be a stealthy rogue that specializes in bows and throwing knives? Easy. Want to specialize in Claymores and Warhammers? Also possible, with certain benefits and drawbacks.

My campaigns are usually a healthy mix of RP social encounters, traps/puzzles and combat so if you enjoy any mix of those you should have a good time.

If you can make Friday evenings work, please let me know and I’ll send along more info.

And even if not, thanks for replying to the post!