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I’m currently looking for players for a weekly (weeknight) game in Beaverton. I’m looking at starting a Dark Sun “Kingmaker-like” campaign using the Pathfinder rules. I’ve run a game like this about a year ago for about 16 months, but then my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I’ve been on hiatus for 8 months from games, but am looking at getting back into it.

As I said, I’ll use the pathfinder rules, but the D&D campaign setting of Dark Sun. The premise is to start everyone off in a escaped slave village called “The Free” and have them build their small village into a kingdom using adventuring, exploring, politics, and economics. I’ll be using Pathfinder’s Ultimate Campaign rules in building a Kingdom. If you like adventuring, politics, and kingdom/civ building, this would be the game for you.

My primary interest is looking for like-minded gamers who would be interested in a 5:00ishpm-10ish-11pm game on a weeknight at my house in Beaverton. Unfortunately, my weekends are sacrosanct to my family and I so I would only be interested in players along that schedule. Tell me about yourself and let me know if you have an interest. I’m thinking of starting this game sometime at the end of May/ beginning of June.