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    Hi everyone! I’m looking to join or start a Call of Cthulhu group. Edition is not so important, though I am only really familiar with 6th edition. I have GM-ed only two scenarios so I’m pretty green but would be willing to take another stab. That said, I’d love to team up with someone who has GM-ed before, either for pointers or so that I can observe them until I feel confident enough to GM myself.

    If you have or know of an existing group, I’d love to try to become part of that. I only have a few preferences:

    1) A group that drinks booze is cool just not a group that gets a little too boozy as the session wears on.
    2) I love smoking reefer but not while I’m playing. I’m hoping to find a group like that as well.
    3) A group that is decently committed to regular game sessions, preferably weekly/bi-weekly.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!



    Hey there,

    I know this post is kinda old but I found it while looking for Call of Cthulhu players.

    I have been GM(Keeper) for a long running group that has slowly dwindled down to just my brother and I. We play weekly online using Roll20 and and Mumble for voice chat. We generally do 4 hour sessions on Thursday nights.

    We play Call of Cthulhu 7th ed (but we play pretty lose with the rules) and Delta Green. We are more into the story and having fun than being strict about the rules.

    Since I always GM it would be awesome if someone else took the Keeper reigns once in awhile.

    We generally partake in adult beverages but not to the detriment of the session. I’m a family man and a nine to fiver so a couple of beers is about all I can muster.

    Anyhow, if your still looking let me know, online or other. My brother lives in California so the Thursday night game is always online. But trying to get an in person group together would be cool.



    I’ve been asked to GM for a new Call of Cthulhu (7th ed) Friday Night game in Vancouver. a friend and avid player will host. The game will probably be bi-weekly, though might move to weekly or the alternating Friday nights might be a different game.

    I plan to start with some one-shot scenarios, both published and from Chaosium’s Convention lineup (Necropolis, Kids are all right, Lightless Beacon, and others). Once the group is established, we talk about where to go from there.

    I’ve been GMing for decades and have run many Call of Cthulhu games, for private groups, at Conventions, and demoing for Chaosium at shows.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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