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    Looking for players for a D&D 5th ed. game, on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at Guardian Games around 5 p.m. Happy to work with the group to find the best day of the week and time for all.

    I’m looking for a group who are excited about collaborating on a setting, specifically using the Microscope RPG (https://rpggeek.com/rpg/9789/microscope). The rules will take a few minutes to explain, no prior familiarity is needed. By the end of the first session we’ll have created a setting – races, cities, nemeses, events (historical and recent), NPCs, etc. – and can begin the campaign.

    I’m happy to GM, but the neat thing about building the setting together is that we’ll all be equally familiar with it, if anyone else wanted to GM in the future.
    If that sounds like fun to you, let me know!

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