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    Hey All,

    I run a Heavy Gear RPG group on Saturday nights every other week in the Dungeon Foyer, and my group and I are looking for some new recruits.

    We recently lost a player who passed away unexpectedly, and our crew has shrunk to 2-3. The campaign has been on for more than a year, but we would welcome some new blood.

    Quick Summary:
    The Heavy Gear universe is a very rich hard and realistic scifi setting set in the far future on a former earth colony named Terra Nova. The are two geo-political powers (the North and South) currently in a Cold war about to go hot, and the players are enlisted soldiers on the front lines of this growing conflict.

    The game is militaristic with an emphasis on small unit tactics, personal initiative, and player decisions/consequences. The setting is most notable for “Gears”, which are combat vehicles that are essentially 12-18ft tall armored robots piloted by gear jocks. They are armored IFVs that fight alongside tanks, infantry, and other branches in combined arms formations.

    If you are interested, let me know. You can send an email to my email address: stormcrow1357@gmail.com

    …or you could just reply to this. Either way, i’d be happy to introduce you to our crew and the setting:)


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