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    I’m still in developing stages, probably 3-4 weeks out from actually launching, but I thought it would be good to start seeking the group to allow time to meetup for coffee before first adventure to look at character options and make sure we’re a good fit overall.

    I’m looking for 4 PC’s:

    I will generate 6-8 different backstories/characters to choose from, which will have a lot of tie-in to the campaign. There will still be plenty of opportunity for player customization of the characters, while providing a solid foundation.

    (Ability rolls will still be done by players in our pre-first session meeting along with spell choices, ect.)

    This will be a fantasy-theme, looking to meet on a weekly basis preferably on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening. Would also be open to Sunday evenings. Thinking at least 3 hour sessions with option to expand to 4 pending vote & people’s availability. (6pm start if a weekday, or 4-6pm start on Sunday)

    Questions or interested? Reply here with your email and I will reach out.

    Thank you.


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    I’m totally interested!




    I’m interested as well. jrbeller@gmail.com



    I’m interested as long as it’s a weekday. meekbarbarian@gmail.com

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