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    I am looking for 3 to 4 dedicated gamers for a long term Pathfinder Campaign. I have designed and written a fun little custom game and wish to share it with some wonderful role players!

    My Add:

    Our game begins when the adventurers arrive at the edge of a small crossroads town, on a bone-chilling stormy winter’s day. The rain and stinging snow has pelted them since they left Alvis, in Midwestern Andoran, on their way to Olfden.
    While traveling north, on the road that hugs the western edge of the Arthfell Forest, the adventures have arrived at the crossroads town of Karroll’s Hamlet. Hoping to find a reprieve from the miserable weather, they find that the weather of Karroll’s Hamlet has a storm of it’s own….

    Hi Gamers,
    I am looking for a group of 3-4 players that wish to embark on a Custom Pathfinder Campaign, that starts in the small town of Karroll’s Hamlet. The play will begin at 3rd level and could progress to 15+ over time. Players will find a solid mix of Roleplaying (with well fleshed out NPCs that are connected to the plot, Investigation (into the various happenings, NPCs, and situations of the area and its inhabitants), and plentiful Combats that are an integral part of the plot. I love to paint a vivid environment/scene the players can immerse themselves in, allowing their characters to become part of the environment, helping to evolve the environment. The game’s scope will be local to the Karroll’s Hamlet’s area and the surrounding Arthfell Forest for the first part of the story. Several plot lines will emerge while in the Hamlet and more plot lines will emerge as the first story winds down, allowing Players to head in the direction they will enjoy most. Combats will be balanced, winnable, and challenging in this game, I tend to build for experienced players that knows their away around the combat rules. I also tend to break from the predictable pattern of 3-4 fights/day hinging on resource management, instead designing each combat as an expression of the situation the PCs find themselves in. The subject matter of the game will be mature at times and not for the faint hearted. Their will be evil/dark themes laced throughout the story that can leave the PCs (and hopefully not the players) feeling they are struggling against dark unnerving forces.

    I hope to attract players that:

    Want to game! Involved players who want to explore and advance the story!

    18+ years old.

    Treat other gamers with respect. Are non-discriminatory in pretty much all areas that require that statement. I personally come to play game, and if you do to that is what counts!

    Have played a fair amount of Pathfinder or 3.5e D&D. Enough to know the basic rules.

    Enjoys a weekly game that last 4 to 5 hours. Looks forward to playing 4 out of every 5 weeks on average (Flexible rules for real life, no employment level commitment), and enjoys ongoing campaigns that can run 12+ months.

    Enjoys RP, Combat, Mystery, and some darker/mature game material. (Most of the dark material involves interacting with evil and what evil has done).

    Enjoys building PCs more for flavor versus power building. Thus leaving the characters closer in power level regardless of race/class.

    Understands how to communicate a problem, disagreement, difference of opinion, or sensitive situation in a mature way. Leaves politics at the game door.

    and most of all comes to game to have FUN!

    Interested players please send me a message with a short paragraph of your related gaming experience and gaming style, and any questions for me.

    Good Gaming,

    Brother Glacius
    Brother Glacius

    Hi Matt,

    I’m interested in learning more about your game. I don’t see a way of sending you a message other than replying to this post. Long time gamer, especially D&D. Lots of 3.5 experience, only a little of pathfinder. Feel free to email me at my user name minus the space @gmail.com



    I will send you some information tonight 11/29.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Matt at mocopy @ yahoo dot com

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