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    I am looking for a group of friends or anyone who wants to play pathfinder. I am creating a campaign and would like to see how it plays. Start from 1st to 3rd and go all the way to 20th. I can play on Sunday and Monday. In case you need a little bit of persuasion, here is a teaser trailer I put together for my campaign.

    Smoke is rising in the distant mountains.
    To the local inhabitants of the region, they had seen it before.
    Greenskin incursions happened every few years, the smoke was used to lure more greenskins to help conquer more lands to feed hungry mouths, but there were powerful friends in the wooded mountains and confident militia in the settlements, the greenskin threat was always extinguished before the goblinoid army became too large.
    But this time, something was wrong, this time the smoke didn’t go away.
    Caravans and trade wagons were discovered along the side of the road, the horses and driver missing, the goods left untouched.
    The good folk in the outskirts of the villages started to go missing, there before bed, and gone in the morning, no sign of a struggle.
    Goblin sightings started to become more frequent, worse still, were rumors of other things among them.
    Whispers from the shadows spoke of a great power rising.
    The inhabitants in the area started to become worried as they locked their doors and windows and lit torches around there homes at night.
    Conversation amongst the villagers was centered around the goblins presence. Goblins never behaved this way. Worry spread throughout the region and to the Kings ears.
    The Kings army and the outlying militia was not very large, but the highway watch was increased.
    Small groups of heroes and scouts were sent out. None returned.
    The smoke stopped rising from the mountains.
    One week passed with no sign of goblin activity, an uneasy peace. Then a human was spotted stumbling out of the woods, clothes and armor tattered and torn, covered from head and toe in blood and dirt, his manner very erratic and convulsing.
    Details about his capture were unknown, but what was for certain was the greenskin army in the mountains; a large horde of goblinoids, at least 2000 strong with Orcs, goblins, trolls and ogres was gathered in the mountains.
    The King assembled his army, and called for every available man and woman and child who could lift a sword to rally to his banner.
    Messengers were sent to the other allies in the region.
    Heroes were called forth.
    The villagers were still concerned, even with the Kings Army rising up and the calling of additional reinforcements, if this goblin horde was as large as the rumors had said, it meant that if the army failed to stem the green tide, the area would be overrun and the villages and the castle would fall. If the greenskins were defeated, the loses would leave them vulnerable for at least two decades.
    The future was uncertain, failure is not an option.
    We need heroes.

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