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    Attention real gamers:
    I would like to start running a game at a location Guardian Games or in Milwaukie / Oregon City in the immediate future. Here are a few of my gaming creds and accomplishments:
    • Began with Dungeons and Dragons (the pink box edition) in 1977
    • Began Running Greyhawk in 1980
    • Played Boot Hill, Top Secret, star Frontiers
    • Migrated to AD&D in 1984
    • Attended and played (casual and tournament) at the following cons:
    o GenCon 1985,86,87,88,90,92
    o OrCon 1988,89
    o UniCon 1988,90,93,94,95
    • Ran Original Content AD&D at:
    o GenCon 1987,88,90,92
    o UniCon 1988,89
    • Was blessed enough to play with Both Gary and Ernie Gygax
    • Played and Ran other systems: ShadowRun (FASA), Mechwarrior (FASA), Rifts (including the pre-theft Megaverse of which I am noted and one of the initial 5 playterstes), Robotech, TMNT, Ninjas and Superspies, Champions, Hero, Battletech, Warhammer (both 40k and epic) and my personal favorite…. Rolemaster
    • Migrated to Rolemaster as my primary platform in 1995
    • Created and ran Post-apocalyptic games based on both the Rolemaster and the Hero games platforms …. Really cool (think Wasteland and Fallout meet terminator and MadMax)
    • Have fully developed High Fantasy game world with dynamic and ever evolving story lines
    Ok, enough about me. Here is what I am looking for and would like to propose:
    • Adult-Only game – no one under the age of 19
    • Rolemaster SS game, beginning characters at L0
    • 5 to 8 players
    • No Rolemaster Experience Needed
    • High Fantasy genre
    • Meeting at least once per week, preferable more
    • Meeting at location where we can play and not be disturbed (unfortunately that rules out my current living arrangements)
    • Prefer someplace where smoking is done outside (health issues)
    • Prefer someplace where food and snacks can be easily consumed and delivered in ordered.
    • Easily accessible (I am sans auto at this moment)
    • Desire at least 2 female players (to much testosterone just means I end up throwing in entirely to many female NPCs)
    • Players who are vested in character, interpersonal, world and storyline development
    • Players not afraid nor discouraged by extensive time in character development.
    • Reliable players (not looking for players who are gonna bail just because their neighbor’s cousin’s kid’s old lady scored some South American sticky (called “super poop and give you the squirts”) and they NEED to go bum a joint)
    • Intelligent, Thinking players
    • Table and house rules apply
    • (My sexist remark) as incentive, all female players will begin at either level 2 with their characters or at level one with 10 additional Talent points to a lot during character creation.
    • Additionally, I do give bonus points for well thought out and developed characters, back stories and personalities.

    That was quite a mouthful. The scenario is in a nut shell this
    Approximately twenty seven years ago on the 19th day of the 5th month, the days started getting longer again. This continued until the sun failed to arise and it did not show its face for the next FIVE years! Two years ago, the sun arose like nothing had ever happened and the land began to thaw. The once proud capitol city of the King’s Twins lies on the 300 feet of ice and snow as does much of the rest of the land. The old bloodlines died out and a new empire arose during the “Great Dying” as it is called. The “Slave King” Draco Thorne came to power, uniting seven failing and starving nations. The forming of this alliance was aided by the chosen Priestess of the Goddess of the Dead, an Elven Alchemist who has a knack for getting things grow underground, and Arcane simply known as “The Blue Lady” and her companion elemental lords of earth and a Bastet that just seems to do as He pleases and what He pleases to do is to further the new empire and his friend, Draco. Today, hardy survivors of every race are struggling to rebuild and regain the lands that were once so prosperous. A once highly developed and very civilized series of neighboring nations now lie in ruin and yet united under a single banner, and haunted by the death that befell them. Monsters and other nasties that had for generations been driven from the lands now have a strong foothold.

    Adventuring Guilds and Companies are growing at an alarming rate. Adventure awaits outside every settlement.
    There have been reports of high pitched screams in the forest nearby your village in the evening hours, followed by un-accountable disappearances of loggers, trappers, huntsmen and even guards in the same area.
    Strange noises? Disappearances? Town economy suffering?
    Time to call on some adventurers to get to the bottom of this.
    The redistribution of wealth is happening. Glory and Despair walk hand in hand. Wanna claim some for yourself?
    PS: This is a living and breathing dynamic world. The world is run as is and NOT based around the level, experience or skill level of either players or their characters. This is an important note, because I will very happily turn your character into Ogre poop or worse should you decide it is a great idea to go “get them nasty buggers” and you are not prepared or skilled enough to do so. This is not a Module Based World, however I have been known to utilize modules from other systems that have been re-written for my needs and purposes.

    Regards and Hoping to meet you soon.



    I like rolemaster, although it has been years… I tend to like worlds like this but not sure about availability. give me a reply Thanks.

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