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    Hi there!

    Just moved back to Portland and looking to build a new tabletop gaming group since I had to leave my old one behind on the east coast. I have an extensive collection of tabletop games (Puerto Rico, Agricola, Battlestar, Game of Thrones, Dead of Winter, 7 Wonders, Fury of Dracula, etc.) but my primary interest is forming (or joining a dedicated group to play through Rob Daviau’s series of “Legacy” games: Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy, and ultimately Seafall when it is released next month.

    Ideally, this will be a group of 5 players who are able to commit to one game a week. I live near Sunset HS and would be willing to host from time to time, although I’m fine with simply reserving space at GG/Critical Sip.

    If this sounds like fun to you, please drop me a line!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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