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We require min. 48hrs notice!

General Gaming: Seats groups of 2-20 (space allowing).  No charge.  All ages.

The Critical Sip: Seats 2-12 (space allowing).  No charge.  21+ only.

The Big Dungeon Room: It seats 6-8 for rpg’s. 6 max for board gaming . It’s $5 an hour. $25 for the day.

The Small Dungeon Room: It seats 4 max. It’s $1/hour per person. $10 for the day.

The Level Up-Extra Life Room: It seats 12-16 for board gaming etc. 21+ only. It’s $10 an hour. $50 for the day.

The Level Up-Home Screen: It seats 20-30+ for board gaming etc. 21+ only. It’s $10 an hour. $50 for the day.

There is alcohol service available everywhere but General Gaming. The Dungeon Rooms can only have alcohol if all folks present are 21+. The Level Ups are 21+ at all times. The Critical Sip is 21+ at all times. When alcohol is being served, no outside drinks or beverages are allowed. This includes water, juice, soda, beer, etc. All drinks must be purchased from Guardian Games. This rule does not apply to our all ages areas, nor when a group does not imbibe at The Dungeon Rooms.

Please visit our online calendar or use our ‘Reservation Form’ to find out availability.

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